Week 9 10-27-2017

Another rant about #BLMS Black Lives Matter Savannah. Last Saturday night a young man, 15 years old was shot and killed in a restaurant here in Savannah. By all accounts this young man was an upstanding person, a role model, an athlete, and a good student. A tragic loss for this community. His young life was taken by another teenager (16 years old). His murderer shot but did not kill another 15 year old.  Two lives taken the victim and his killer another life scarred forever.

Here’s why I’m writing. Where is Black Lives Matter Savannah? Why aren’t they protesting this horrific incident? Doesn’t  this young man’s life matter? If not why not; because his life was not ended by law Enforcement, but by another black youth? I don’t understand this cause. Do Black Lives Only Matter When Taken By Law Enforcement? If that’s the cause for which you’re fighting, then make your name say so. Black Lives Matter When Taken By Law Enforcement But Not When Taken By Anyone Else.

Black Lives Matter should be out in full force encouraging the residents of this town to assist the Police in discovering why children are killing children. They should be insisting that those with knowledge of the 30 killings in the relatively small town come forward and provide all the information about who is committing these murders and how to find them.

If you do not protest when a 15 year old boy is killed by another boy, then you have no reason to protest when an armed criminal is killed by a Police Officer after kicking out the window of the police car in which  he was being held and trying to escape. No reason what-so-ever. Your cause just died.

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