Week 8 10-20-2017

I encountered a survey today. It asked:

Never has a society in history faced so many challenges and difficulties than ours.  What is undeniably true is that the rates of terrorism, unemployment, extremism, hostile foreign relations, and social anxiety etc. are increasing at unprecedented levels. What’s worse is that we did not see any signs for improvement. Our society is leading to a dark future.

Now in the following space,  please write a short essay in which you provide some specific examples and arguments that in favor of the thesis and makes the thesis reasonable. 

My Response:

Our society is in chaos. Groups of all sorts, from “Black Lives Matter” to the “KKK” are at odds over race. Individuals are killing groups of people at various venues. ISIS is recruiting young men and women who feel disenchanted with the War on Terrorism.
Over the past year, we have seen multiple mass murders, terrorists attempts to kill and maim innocent civilians, and several clashes between white supremacists and racially agnostic groups. The Las Vegas massacre was the worst mass murder incident in US history. Fifty-eight innocent concert attendees were cut down by a single attacker who it seems was mentally ill. The Charlotte melee showed the divisiveness that racially biased groups can cause. An innocent bystander was killed by a white supremacist merely because they disagree on the issue of race.
Just this morning I saw a story on the national news about a man who was being sought for another offense and was found in possession of multiple firearms, explosive devices, knives and other weapons of brutality.
I believe this epidemic of savagery and viciousness is caused by the high stress, fast-paced environment we find ourselves in today. Everybody wants something “RIGHT NOW!” Our bosses need that report yesterday. Our significant other wants (insert requirement here) immediately. Our children need our help with homework constantly. The other drivers on the road are idiots. The other line always moves faster. Stress and financial insecurity have oppressed multitudes of people. This environment leads to mental instability and that leads to mental illness.
The negative environment must be quashed. People need more down-time. We need to spend less time with the stresses that cause anger and more time with relaxation and calming activities. Slow down, relax, and meditate, or if you believe in a higher power, pray.

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