Week 7 10-13-2017

Always love Friday the 13th. Not sure why, but it always seems lucky for me.

On another topic: The weekend of the 7th and 8th in Savannah two men were murdered. At least one of the two was a young black man in his early 20s. From all accounts I’ve heard he was a fine upstanding young man taken much too early.¬† This is sad and discouraging. No one has yet been arrested in his murder. But even more discouraging is the fact that “Black Lives Matter Savannah” has not been protesting his murder. Why not? Black lives should¬† matter even if they aren’t killed by law enforcement.

Where is the revulsion? Where is the disgust? Where is the community discourse over this young man’s life being cut so short? Why is there no protest in his honor? Why isn’t the community concerned with his death? “Black Lives Matter, Savannah” owes it to this young man to help law enforcement find his murderer. Isn’t that what they are about; protecting the lives of the black community?

It seems that Black Lives Matter ONLY when taken by Law Enforcement.

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