Week 3 9-18-2017

Due to the hurricane evacuation, I am a little late in this week’s post. I was still unpacking on Friday putting things back where they belong. The hurricane did not damage my apartment, although my power was out for  while. It was however, on when I got home on Thursday. Calhoun, where I went to ride out the storm, was a small town on I-75 northwest of Atlanta. Not a lot to do there, so I went over to Rome, GA and visited a couple of shopping centers. The movie theaters were closed there so no movies to watch. One of the malls was nearly empty of stores, I’d say half were empty, maybe more. But it was really attractive inside. Marble floors and nicely decorated public areas.

I still don’t have everything unpacked. Funny how it takes longer to unpack than it does to pack.  I still have four or five tubs of things to unpack.  I rearranged my living room when I unpacked my computer and audio equipment. I actually have more room now, and the apartment looks bigger.

That’s all for now.

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