Week 10 11-03-2017

I can’t believe it’s already November. This year has flown by. The older I get the faster they go.  Another week goes by and murders add up, but still no protests from Black Lives Matter But Only if Taken By LEO, Savannah, (emphasis added by author). I’ll never understand the movement.

This post is belated, so I have information that should not be available on the third.

In a small town (pop ≅ 650) in Texas on a bright sunny Sunday morning,  a mentally ill, former air force employee who should not have owned a weapon of any sort walked into a Baptist church and slaughtered 26 innocent Americans. This lunatic had been cast out of the Air force because he attacked his ex-wife and step-son with a hand-gun. After his court marshal, the judgement of the court should have been forwarded to the FBI for inclusion in their background check database. It was not. He was therefor able to purchase, legally, at least three weapons which he used in the execution of his attack. This just goes to show you that stricter gun laws will not stop the slaughter of our citizens.

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