Week 2 Thursday 9-7

So I’m posting a day early this week. It looks like I’m going to be busy getting my apartment ready for hurricane Irma tomorrow. I made the mistake last year of riding out hurricane Matthew. My power was out for about a week, and I killed the battery in my car charging my iPad and phone. Apparently iPads draw a rather significant amount of power from the car battery. Who knew?

Campus is closing at 5:00 pm today to give everyone a chance to get to a safe location. Primarily the administration is worried about students, but they are letting faculty and staff off too. I have a reservation in as it turns out in Calhoun GA, about 332 miles northwest of here. That should put me outside the margin of error (approximately 160 miles 4 days out and 211 miles 5 days out Source: Definition of the NHC Track Forecast Cone [http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/aboutcone.shtml]). I have two possible routes, one goes through Atlanta and should take about 4:33. The other avoids interstates and goes through Athens. Its time is just over seven hours. I will most likely take the route through Athens as it gives me a chance to see the state, and will probably be less traveled than the interstate. Plus it avoids Atlanta traffic. My plan right now is to leave home about 5:00 on Sunday morning. Check in is at 2:00 so I’ll have a couple of hours to spare, That will allow for rest, fueling and food stops.

I’ll try  to take a few pictures along the way to post.

Week 1 Friday 9-1-2017

So the past week has been interesting for some but terrifying and devastating for so many others, especially those poor  souls in and around the path of Harvey. So many lives lost; so many homes destroyed; so many families displaced. It’s heart breaking to think about. And now there’s another hurricane coming, Irma. Where she will go is a mystery for now. But what’s for sure is she will take no mercy on those she approaches.

To those in her path, God bless and keep you all.

Post on Fridays

So I’ve decided that Friday will be the day I add new content. It seems that for the most part my Fridays are less busy than the rest of the week. Since I’ve been in Higher Education for 20+ years, I think that Fridays are less busy because only a few classes meet on Friday afternoon, many faculty don’t work on Friday and lastly most meetings are on other days of the week. Friday seems to be a catch-up day. Now remember this is all based on personal experience, and not on scientific data analysis.

First Post in a While

I’ve been lax in adding content to my site. I let it go for a long time and so I’ve deleted everything and am starting over. I plan (yes I know about best laid plans) on making at  the very least weekly posts; many will be rants, some will be inspirational, and some will be informational. We’ll see how it goes.