Week 11 11-10-2017

Here I am again, running behind on my posts.  The events in Texas this past Sunday send chills down my spine. The victims in that attack range in age from an unborn fetus and its mother to a 72 year old. Such rage this man had. What cold have happened to him to make him so angry as to take the lives of 26 innocent people who were joined together to pray and celebrate their God. Incidents like this are heart-wrenching, but also sickening. The real unanswered question is WHY?

Week 10 11-03-2017

I can’t believe it’s already November. This year has flown by. The older I get the faster they go.  Another week goes by and murders add up, but still no protests from Black Lives Matter But Only if Taken By LEO, Savannah, (emphasis added by author). I’ll never understand the movement.

This post is belated, so I have information that should not be available on the third.

In a small town (pop ≅ 650) in Texas on a bright sunny Sunday morning,  a mentally ill, former air force employee who should not have owned a weapon of any sort walked into a Baptist church and slaughtered 26 innocent Americans. This lunatic had been cast out of the Air force because he attacked his ex-wife and step-son with a hand-gun. After his court marshal, the judgement of the court should have been forwarded to the FBI for inclusion in their background check database. It was not. He was therefor able to purchase, legally, at least three weapons which he used in the execution of his attack. This just goes to show you that stricter gun laws will not stop the slaughter of our citizens.



Retrieved From: https://introvertdear.com/


Are you an introvert? If so, you have somewhat different needs than an extrovert. Introverts don’t chase the same things as extroverts. They’re not always on the lookout for the next party. Nor do they constantly need other people to entertain them. Many nights, they’re content to hang out at home, reading a book, watching a movie, or just puttering around on their own terms. Loud bars, crowded parties, and busy schedules quickly wear them out.

Sadly, introverts may feel like they can’t say what they need. Sometimes they just don’t have the words; the thoughts tumble around in their heads but don’t come out the way they intended. Or, they may feel like they have to hide their needs from others. In a society that favors the extrovert’s way, it’s tough to say, “I need some time to myself.” But this can leave introverts feeling unhappy, drained, and unfulfilled.

Here are 12 things introverts absolutely need to be happy. What would you add to this list?

  1. Time to wind down after a busy day. An absolute must. Due to biological wiring, introverts are sensitive to stimulation and process information deeply. Time to unwind allows them to fully comprehend the events of a busy day — and lower their stimulation level to one that’s more comfortable and sustainable.
  2. Meaningful conversation. Introverts can’t survive on a diet of small talk alone. “How was your day?” or “How ’bout this weather?” won’t be enough. Introverts tend to dive deep, both in their interests and relationships. They need something more: What’s one new thing you’ve learned lately? How are you a different person today than you were 10 years ago? Does God exist? Of course, not every conversation has to be deep. Sometimes introverts really dojust want to know what you did this weekend. But occasionally, to feed their minds and souls, they need those wide-awake-at-midnight-can’t-stop-talking kind of moments.
  3. Comfortable silences. On the flip side, introverts need people in their lives who are content with quiet. People who can sit in the same room with them, not talking, each doing their own thing. People who will not nervously jump to fill a pause in the conversation, but will let thoughts linger, waiting until each idea has been fully digested. Trust introverts when they say that silence can be beautiful.
  4. Space to dive deep into their hobbies and interests. 17th century horror novels. Celtic mythology. Restoring old cars. Gardening, painting, cooking, or writing. If it’s out there, introverts are doing it. Having the time and space to dive deep into their interests is recharging. But it’s about more than just doing the thing. It’s about slowing down and entering a state of flow — which may come naturally for introverts. Bonus: They end up becoming experts in their areas of interest.
  5. A quiet, calm space that’s all theirs. Admittedly, this is something I don’t have right now. But the dream is real: A room to be alone in. A room to arrange however I’d like. A room with a door that closes out the world, even just for a little while. For introverts, having a space that’s all theirs makes an incredible difference in terms of their energy levels. Being alone — truly alone, without fear of intrusion or interruption — is freeing and invigorating on a nearly spiritual level.
  6. Time to think before responding.There’s hardly anything more stressful than an impatient boss or spouse standing before you demanding an answer right now. For extroverts, it’s usually easy to spout something off. But not so for introverts, who may rely more on long-term memory than working memory (for extroverts, it’s the opposite). Usually, a few (pressure-free) beats is all an introvert needs to reach into their memory and pull out just the right words they want. Give them that time. It will be worth it, I promise.
  7. Friends who understand that sometimes they will stay home. Introverts won’t attend every party or get-together. They do enjoy some socializing, but it’s all about dosage. Too much, and their sensitive systems will have them begging for their beds. They need friends who understand that sometimes they just can’t “people” anymore today. These friends know that once introverts have had downtime, they’ll be up for another (laid-back) adventure.
  8. A deeper purpose to their work. Many introverts want a job that is more than just a paycheck. Sure, they need to pay their bills, but they want their 9-to-5 efforts to feel worthwhile, too. They want to know that they’re helping others. That they’re making at least some small difference in the grand scheme of things. If introverts are just punching in and punching out, doing routine work that doesn’t seem to fit a wider goal, life will feel hollow.
  9. Permission to not explain sometimes. There are times when they just have no words. They may be feeling something strongly, but they can’t describe it. Or they need to be alone right now, but don’t have the energy to provide a lengthy explanation. When an introvert says, “I don’t want to talk about it,” or simply, “This is what I need,” let that suffice. After some time to process, they will likely come back to you with more words.
  10. Time and space to work uninterrupted. It’s no secret that introverts do their best work alone. Unfortunately, our offices and classrooms are not geared toward quiet reflection. As a result, you may find introverts sneaking away to the abandoned corners of the office building. Or coming early or staying late. Or begging to stay in the classroom — where it’s quiet and empty — during recess. To all teachers, supervisors, and parents — give introverts the quiet space they need to think. You may find that you get higher quality work in return.
  11. Their tribe. Rarely the ones for chasing popularity, introverts usually have just a few close friends — and they prefer it that way. However, note that the key word is “close.” For introverts, friendship isn’t about just occupying the same space, doing the same activity. Nor is it about trading gossip. It’s about finding a kindred spirit, someone who will peek into the introvert’s inner world — and reveal theirs in return.
  12. Time to slow down. Breathe. Take it all in. Just be. Repeat.


#5 is my apartment.  i live alone, so everywhere there is “MY” space.

#6 is really important to me. I sometimes find myself pausing before answering questions to “build” the answer I want to provide.

#10 i often realize after a meeting has started, that I have forgotten to  go to it because I was so involved in my work.

Week 9 10-27-2017

Another rant about #BLMS Black Lives Matter Savannah. Last Saturday night a young man, 15 years old was shot and killed in a restaurant here in Savannah. By all accounts this young man was an upstanding person, a role model, an athlete, and a good student. A tragic loss for this community. His young life was taken by another teenager (16 years old). His murderer shot but did not kill another 15 year old.  Two lives taken the victim and his killer another life scarred forever.

Here’s why I’m writing. Where is Black Lives Matter Savannah? Why aren’t they protesting this horrific incident? Doesn’t  this young man’s life matter? If not why not; because his life was not ended by law Enforcement, but by another black youth? I don’t understand this cause. Do Black Lives Only Matter When Taken By Law Enforcement? If that’s the cause for which you’re fighting, then make your name say so. Black Lives Matter When Taken By Law Enforcement But Not When Taken By Anyone Else.

Black Lives Matter should be out in full force encouraging the residents of this town to assist the Police in discovering why children are killing children. They should be insisting that those with knowledge of the 30 killings in the relatively small town come forward and provide all the information about who is committing these murders and how to find them.

If you do not protest when a 15 year old boy is killed by another boy, then you have no reason to protest when an armed criminal is killed by a Police Officer after kicking out the window of the police car in which  he was being held and trying to escape. No reason what-so-ever. Your cause just died.

Week 8 10-20-2017

I encountered a survey today. It asked:

Never has a society in history faced so many challenges and difficulties than ours.  What is undeniably true is that the rates of terrorism, unemployment, extremism, hostile foreign relations, and social anxiety etc. are increasing at unprecedented levels. What’s worse is that we did not see any signs for improvement. Our society is leading to a dark future.

Now in the following space,  please write a short essay in which you provide some specific examples and arguments that in favor of the thesis and makes the thesis reasonable. 

My Response:

Our society is in chaos. Groups of all sorts, from “Black Lives Matter” to the “KKK” are at odds over race. Individuals are killing groups of people at various venues. ISIS is recruiting young men and women who feel disenchanted with the War on Terrorism.
Over the past year, we have seen multiple mass murders, terrorists attempts to kill and maim innocent civilians, and several clashes between white supremacists and racially agnostic groups. The Las Vegas massacre was the worst mass murder incident in US history. Fifty-eight innocent concert attendees were cut down by a single attacker who it seems was mentally ill. The Charlotte melee showed the divisiveness that racially biased groups can cause. An innocent bystander was killed by a white supremacist merely because they disagree on the issue of race.
Just this morning I saw a story on the national news about a man who was being sought for another offense and was found in possession of multiple firearms, explosive devices, knives and other weapons of brutality.
I believe this epidemic of savagery and viciousness is caused by the high stress, fast-paced environment we find ourselves in today. Everybody wants something “RIGHT NOW!” Our bosses need that report yesterday. Our significant other wants (insert requirement here) immediately. Our children need our help with homework constantly. The other drivers on the road are idiots. The other line always moves faster. Stress and financial insecurity have oppressed multitudes of people. This environment leads to mental instability and that leads to mental illness.
The negative environment must be quashed. People need more down-time. We need to spend less time with the stresses that cause anger and more time with relaxation and calming activities. Slow down, relax, and meditate, or if you believe in a higher power, pray.

Week 7 10-13-2017

Always love Friday the 13th. Not sure why, but it always seems lucky for me.

On another topic: The weekend of the 7th and 8th in Savannah two men were murdered. At least one of the two was a young black man in his early 20s. From all accounts I’ve heard he was a fine upstanding young man taken much too early.  This is sad and discouraging. No one has yet been arrested in his murder. But even more discouraging is the fact that “Black Lives Matter Savannah” has not been protesting his murder. Why not? Black lives should  matter even if they aren’t killed by law enforcement.

Where is the revulsion? Where is the disgust? Where is the community discourse over this young man’s life being cut so short? Why is there no protest in his honor? Why isn’t the community concerned with his death? “Black Lives Matter, Savannah” owes it to this young man to help law enforcement find his murderer. Isn’t that what they are about; protecting the lives of the black community?

It seems that Black Lives Matter ONLY when taken by Law Enforcement.

WEEK 5 9-29-20217

So today I got my Flu shot; got my pneumonia shot; got my teeth cleaned; and spent 4 hours volunteering for the Savannah Revival Fest. RF is a fund raising event for the Savannah Children’s museum. I worked helping set up the venue today. Unloading a truck load of folding chairs, setting them up to be cleaned, and setting up some folding tables. It was hard work, but fortunately the weather was much cooler that it has been here. While ubloading the truck another volunteer got on the truck and knocked over a stack of the chairs. That stack fell on my leg and scraped it from my knee to my foot. Not too serious, but it still hurts.

Week 4 9-26-2017

The question of the day has been asked by mainstream media and a number of rabble-rousers.  My question is why do people who disagree with your standpoint, feel that you should not have a right to express your opinion in a civilized lawful manner? Just because you disagree with a person’s opinion, you shouldn’t disagree with their right to express it.

The question “should people stand during the national anthem?” resonates through social media. I have had posts show up in my timeline asking me to condemn the NFL players who kneel during the national anthem.   My answer to the question is “it is the tradition.” But kneeling during the national anthem is a valid form of protest, a freedom many millions of men and women have died to protect.

One of the things that make ours a great country is our right to freedom of speech. We are guaranteed by our constitution the right to free speech. This freedom has been interpreted to include civil and legal forms of expression such as sitting or kneeling when the standard convention is to stand. We are a great nation because of this freedom and many others protected by our constitution. So the predominate question “should everyone stand during the national anthem?” can be answered with a simple “Yes.” But everyone has the freedom to kneel, sit, lay down or even jump up and down so long as they do not harm others as a form of protest. If the NFL players want to kneel they have that right. Just because I agree with their right to protest in this fashion does not mean I agree with their position on the subject against which they protest. Only when someone harms others, causes damage to other’s property or commits a crime should their right to protest in that manner be restricted. Kneeling during the national anthem causes no harm to others.

All of that said, the fact that I support someone’s right to protest something in a civil and legal manner does not mean I support their cause.

Week 3 9-18-2017

Due to the hurricane evacuation, I am a little late in this week’s post. I was still unpacking on Friday putting things back where they belong. The hurricane did not damage my apartment, although my power was out for  while. It was however, on when I got home on Thursday. Calhoun, where I went to ride out the storm, was a small town on I-75 northwest of Atlanta. Not a lot to do there, so I went over to Rome, GA and visited a couple of shopping centers. The movie theaters were closed there so no movies to watch. One of the malls was nearly empty of stores, I’d say half were empty, maybe more. But it was really attractive inside. Marble floors and nicely decorated public areas.

I still don’t have everything unpacked. Funny how it takes longer to unpack than it does to pack.  I still have four or five tubs of things to unpack.  I rearranged my living room when I unpacked my computer and audio equipment. I actually have more room now, and the apartment looks bigger.

That’s all for now.